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The Benefits of Ion Charged Water


healthy water Many people all over the world are experiencing fantastic benefits from drinking ion charged water.

Here at Docs Kitchen we like to take any healthy alternative therapy idea into consideration when recommending healthy eating and living practices.

There are loads of skeptics out there who say this sort of thing is all a load of mumbo jumbo … but those who use negative ions in the kitchen and in their daily lives through the use of ion bracelets swear by their effects.

Some people use ion drinking water machines which ionise the water, neutralising harmful chemicals in the water and increasing alkalinity which is said to be good for the body.

If you’re not too sure about ion water then that’s absolutely fine, this kind of thing isn’t for everyone!

We’ve been trying it for a while now and whether it’s placebo or not we’ve all been feeling great here at the Docs Kitchen HQ!


Tips For Cooking Catfish

southern fried catfish 2How to Prepare Catfish

The advice for handling raw catfish is the same as for handling any raw meat or fish, in that you should keep cooked fish separate from raw fish and wash any cutting boards, knives and your hands with hot, soapy water after handling raw catfish.

If you are making a marinated catfish recipe, you should marinate it in the refrigerator and discard the marinade afterwards because it will contain raw fish juices in which bacteria can grow and multiply. If you are going to use the marinade to baste the fish while it is cooking you should remove some of it before adding the raw fish and keep the basting marinade separate.

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